Bali mangosteens! The cutest video game fruit of all time. I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical at eating this at first — the inside flesh looks just like garlic cloves! But it has the sweetest, most delicate flavor.

Sweet necklace.

Super super cool Holly Fulton prints at Ermie, who has the best eye for pattern. (That jumpsuit!!)

Bananas jewelry at Erie Basin. That ring. I don’t even like rings!

Speaking of rings that I desperately need to own

Mark McGuire of Emeralds — who released one of the best records of the year — is coming to Portland for few weeks. He is playing Valentine‘s a week from today and I am CRAZY excited!

Nectarine brown butter buckle? Shit.

I’m a convert to olive oil cakes — this one is next on my list.

Summer Evening, Ed Hopper. Exactly right.


2 responses to “MANGOSTEEN WISHES

  1. Oh thank you! You have a great eye for pattern, too!
    Erie Basin- has the best jewelry & a nice blog to boot. Next time I’m in NYC I really want to make a visit.
    I’m curious about Emeralds. Will have to listen! I’m always reading about bands on your blog that I’ve never heard of !

    • i think you would LOVE emeralds! the new record is quite soothing + beautiful. emeralds is touring with caribou this fall + they’ll be in los angeles in october. you should GO!!

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