Bali is an easy place to fall in love with, but I don’t mind working a little harder to find the magic in Singapore — like the three-story bookshop Books Actually, the fish ball noodle soup at the Maxwell Food Centre, the rooftop flowers at the Esplanade, or the vintage record shops in Chinatown. I also documented the one massive fail meal I had the entire time I was in Singapore. I had spent all day at the National Library doing research and was famished for lunch and headed down to the library cafe downstairs… so I unwisely picked at random the ‘pesto’ pasta dish and was confronted with a slimy, watery mess of noodles and mysterious gooey green sauce. Never again.


4 responses to “LOVE ACTUALLY

  1. HEY! Although your blog unrivaled, i need to share a gem with you:

    This lady knows her pickles.

    • NICE. i plan to take on pickling this fall in a serious way. pickled everything, but especially pickled okra + pickled beets.

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  3. Lovely n simple meal…yummmy (

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