Some tail end highlights from my trip to Singapore included a crucial visit to Tiong Bahru Market for crispy, amber-skinned whole roasted suckling pig over steamed rice and a flimsy styrofoam plate of chai tow kway, or diced carrot, scrambled eggs, diced garlic, spicy soy sauce and scallions fried in peanut oil. Simple, addictive and super salty, I have never had anything like it in my life and probably never will again. We went back for our second dinner to the trendy waterfront restaurant Indochine, and while its postcard-ready location was superior its pricey, Thai-influenced offerings were so bland and forgettable compared to the woozy, cheap delights at Tiong Bahru.

I made a last-second stop by the luxury mall ION Orchard and picked up heart-printed stockings and an indigo tie-dye silk jumpsuit with deep pockets at Topshop which is total Mom style and also officially my first item of clothing with spaghetti straps. I’m a convert! Final Singapore note: Meredith, I thought of you when I took the last photo of LGF‘s feet at the Home Club on the riverfront!


4 responses to “SEVERAL GIRLS GALORE

  1. I was thinking I loved it! And, I will also be putting together a collection of feet photos, finally, for my website and a possible exhibit in the future! I was thinking of you today…we got to talk soon!!!!!!

  2. Hell-O: Awesome jumpsuit!!
    All of the food described sound so good. You have a true talent for writing:)

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