I really love making pork tenderloin but somehow I usually pass it by in the supermarket. I prefer a smaller 1-1.5 lb tenderloin as opposed to the much larger and fattier loin, if only because it’s easier to make in small quantities, and I couldn’t pass up a recent sale at Whole Foods on local tenderloin. I made an ancho chile, cumin, paprika and white peppercorn spice rub and roasted the tenderloin for 25 minutes at 500 degrees, or until the insides register around 160 degrees. Sticky golden crust and juicy tenderness within, and just enough pan juices to make a nice, spicy sauce. I served this with quartered purple potatoes roasted for 45 minutes with rosemary from my friend’s backyard, and quickly sauteed kale with diced garlic and lemon. The leftover pork was perfect on a split kaiser roll the next day with spicy mustard, sweet red onions and arugula.

[Images via Ermie] Also I HAD to repost Ermie’s images of the incredible Isabel Marant palm necklace from Net-A-Porter. It’s so gorgeous. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’re familiar with my infatuation with the open palm.

One response to “SAFE BURNING

  1. I wanna see a pic of YOUR new necklace!!

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