The idea of food as ‘trendy’ is anathema to everything I love about eating and cooking, but doesn’t it seem like avocado on toast is so ‘in’ this summer? I feel silly just typing that, but I keep seeing it everywhere: here, here, here and here (love her additions of mustard and mayo). Maybe it all started with the infamous ‘diet’ avocado-sardine toast that everyone loved.

It’s one of my favorite snacks of all time — embarrassingly simple, savory and fatty. Everyone likes their avocado toast different, but for me the key is a tissue-thin layer of butter as the base, topped with firm wedges of avocado (not a mash), exuberant amounts of freshly cracked black pepper and expensive, flaky salt.


4 responses to “EVERYDAY LIVING

  1. Mmm I like mine with a little mayo and salt.

    • LOVE that too. mayo provides the perfect base – kinda like how my guy taught me how to put a thin layer of butter on hot toast before adding peanut butter — you can’t taste it but it really bumps things way up. :)

  2. Avocado, sardines, bread…some of my favorites. Now if beans (Love your black bean recipe) & eggs could be worked in there somehow, too, I’d be a happy camper.

    • mmm good call on black beans + eggs. would be such a well rounded meal with a leafy salad and plenty of hot sauce. : )

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