I adore roasting whole chickens if only for the copious amounts of leftovers that litter my refrigerator for the following week. I roasted a small 3lb chicken the Ina Garten way — with softened butter + a cavity stuffed with lemon wedges, garlic and thyme — and served it with a mixed green salad and a handful of roasted vegetables, including some beautiful purple baby potatoes and quartered carrots. It was delicious, but now that I seem to make it all the time, also felt a little bit boring.

Far more fun was the lunch I had the next day — shredded leftover roast chicken sauteed quickly with fresh summer corn, halved grape tomatoes, ribbons of basil and minced garlic, tossed with whole wheat penne and a light white wine vinaigrette. I inhaled the contents of my plate, and then served myself a second helping. I’m intrigued by this savory corn pesto with bacon that I saw at Lottie + Doof — will be making that next!


One response to “WORDS FOR TWO

  1. looks so delicious!

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