Summers in Portland are irresistible.

1 + 2 + 3. Bountiful fruits from the PSU Farmer’s Market & the Buckman Farmer’s Market. We bought every August Pacific Northwest fruit you can think of — a crate of peaches, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and golden raspberries. It was glorious.

4. Sneaking into pools at the height of summer heat + promptly getting kicked out: mandatory summer activity.

5 + 6. The best scone I’ve ever had in my entire life has a buttery, nutty dough laced with dried coconut and seal salt and drenched in sticky raspberry jam. I discovered it at the Bipartisan Cafe, famed for their pie (we loved their cold marionberry too), but the scones are powerfully addictive.

7. Little Joni nestled in a golden sunbeam. I honestly can’t get enough of her afternoon nap lounging… indulge my zoom in below..


5 responses to “AUGUST BOUNTY

  1. Those. Scones. Look. AMAZING.

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  3. The fruit is making my mouth water and the scone sounds heavenly!

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