At the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, I was easily tempted by a giant ziploc bag stuffed with fresh Oregon blueberries for only $10. We already had a flat of tender peaches, but I swore that I would bake them all, in some way. After much careful deliberation, I made Ruth Reichl’s blueberry muffins, which appeared in Gourmet magazine a while back. Their tart blueberry flavor was delicious, but I found them a bit heavy — I think because of the butter she uses instead of the traditional vegetable oil. Honestly I just don’t think I have the baking touch yet—I have these grandiose, dreamy visions of perfect baked goods but they never come out quite right.

It’s been so hot here lately that all I can manage is the easiest of meal preparation. Spinach salads tossed with toasted walnut and feta and leftover breakfast hash. A heaping bowl of charred broccoli, kale, and fingerling potatoes. Diced cubes of sweet watermelon.


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