Happy Labor Day weekend! Sorry for the delay in posting — I’ve been in San Francisco the last four days reporting on Root Strata’s On Land Festival for Signal to Noise magazine. The festival was so well done + incredibly fun to catch up with old friends and meet new ones — also super amazing + shocking to meet so many Popcorn Plays readers. So after a two-day detour to Arcata, CA and the Oregon coast, we’re finally on our way back to Portland. Phew.


7 responses to “OFF LAND

  1. of course you have readers and fans! i feel like a proud sister. i don’t want to lose you to stardom.


  2. aww, my friend played the festival and i still managed to miss it all due to crappy work obligations. heard it was awesome.

    …would have said ‘hi’ if i was there!

  3. my friend’s name is gregory. he plays in common eider, king eider- the tall, skinny dude who plays the viola if you saw them.

    i was soo looking forward to seeing Dan Higgs. but apparently he kind of lives here now so i guess he’ll be around. ?

    • ahhh nice! their set was really lovely.
      + daniel higgs was pretty hilarious in a preacher/holy roller/stand up comedian kind of way. ;)

  4. Looking forward to reading that review of yours in STN….

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