This has been the craziest year in the best of ways. In the last nine months, I’ve lived in Ithaca, San Diego, Singapore, and Portland — and I’m moving to Montreal this month. Tomorrow I fly home for a week, and packing up my life — again — has been intense. This post will be quick…

Cumin-rubbed broiled salmon. For a late lunch one afternoon, we broiled a big piece of salmon — purchased at an awe-inspiring fish market at Cannon Beach (promise to post about that next) — in the oven for about 10 minutes. I brushed the salmon with olive oil and lemon, and rubbed it down with spices, including cumin and garam masala. Unfortunately, I broiled it too long and the consistency was dry, but with enough squirts of lemon juice and chopped dill on top, it was more than passable. But when it doubt, always undercook fish — especially when it’s a gorgeous side of meat straight from the Oregon ocean. Sigh.

French green lentils. The rest of the lunch was more successful — organic French lentils were simmered until barely tender in chicken stock, bay leaves, black peppercorns, garlic cloves, lemon zest, half a shallot and butter. I like to drain out the liquid that hasn’t been absorbed so the lentils stay nice and firm.

Potatoes fried in duck fat. We had some leftover duck fat from a breast we bought at Pastaworks. I parboiled one big baking potato for 15 minutes, then sliced it into thick medallions and fried until super crispy in a cast iron skillet coated with velvety, rich duck fat. I added smoked paprika for color and plenty of salt and pepper.

Sauteed baby bok choi. I felt guilty about the conspicuous lack of vegetables on our plates, so I fried up some baby bok choi in a pan with garlic, diced shallots, sesame oil, a little soy sauce, and a splash of chicken broth.


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