It’s truly incredible how attached women get to their hair. I am the worst victim to this. I have grown my hair long ever since an unfortunate bob plagued my early preteen years, and I haven’t looked back since. I knew that I needed to cut my hair. It had to be done. It was getting so long that I was getting weird stares and comments from people. Friends started describing my hair as ‘poofy’ and ‘crazy’ and ‘witchy’ and ‘like a block of cheese’. Strangers at concerts would come up to me and creepily talk about how they liked how I looked from behind. In short, I knew it was time. This morning, a wonderful friend cut my hair, and she cut 10 inches! Maybe it doesn’t look that short to you. It feels very short to me. It’s funny how cutting your hair feels like losing your powers, or your originality, or something that makes you “you”. I am learning to like it.

I went from this hair….

this hair…

I had ponytails like this:

so unwieldy I know, but I liked it… the chaos of it. The bristling palm tree atop my head.

and now I can’t even put my hair in a bun!

4 responses to “CHANGES + BREVITY

  1. it looks so great + you can totally still put it in a bun!

    • i have been getting a lot of flak for my bun comment. i realize i sound ridiculous. i wish i wasn’t so damn superficial!! but i can’t put my hair in the topknot like i used to, like how you wear your hair so high. but i feel better about my hair today. no tangles, no dreadlocks, it’s a new day!!! :)

  2. Getting a hair cut, or rather deciding to get a hair cut is always a vexing decision. I hadn’t cut my hair in over a year, out of fear of losing something (what that something is beyond the physicality of my hair, is hard to say, powers, originality, maybe?). But mine too, got too long & unruly and I got it cut a couple weeks ago. It ended up way shorter than I had imagined, but now it’s starting to feel okay. Also having all that extra weight gone is nice, you had way more than me and your hair still looks long!!

  3. wait, the main pic in this post, that’s your cut?? short?? :) looks great! i can’t believe, however, that you cannot put it in a bun. my hair isn’t even as long as yours post-cut, and i can still do the high bun…

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