Entranced by their lean shape and velvety hue, I picked up $1 worth of burgundy beans at the farmer’s market last week. Intending to eat them with some kind of pasta, I realized that a quick blanch caused the beans to revert back to a rich forest green color. No matter! I also soaked 1/2 lb of navy beans overnight, and then simmered them steadily with white wine, chicken broth, olive oil, five cloves of garlic, two shallots, fresh bay, lemon rind, black pepper and quartered heirloom tomatoes for about one hour, or until tender. At the last moment, I made a quick pasta sauce in another pan – very simply garlic, butter, ribbons of rainbow swiss chard, and diced heirloom tomatoes – and tossed the fragrant mess together with a hearty tangle of whole wheat spaghetti. The pasta was finished with ribbons of locally grown basil and super generous amounts of shaved parmesan. As with most beans cooked from scratch, they were infinitely tastier the following day.


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