So I bought Joni a XS Snuggie (for dogs) on clearance at a drug store the other day. It is definitely up there as one of my favorite purchases of the year. Earlier last month, I bought Joni a tiny white eyelet spaghetti strap dress at a thrift store in Portland for $1. It was so adorable on her. The first (and only) day she wore it, she ran outside, took it off, and then buried it somewhere in the front yard. We think. This Snuggie is harder for her to remove, thanks to multiple velcro snaps and a snug fit. She looks like so many things in her new outfit: a Walmart employee, a seeing eye dog, a fashionable cowl-neck straitjacket-wearing mental patient. I know that dressing up animals in clothing is borderline cruel + tacky, but part of me wants to be the kind of person who dresses up her pets in outrageous outfits. I mean LOOK at her. Teh cuteness.

One response to “SNUG FIT

  1. OMG JONI! So cute. Walmart cashier or perhaps Loews Carpenter or carpet instaler?? HAHA!!

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