Dinner in bed: Cilantro + basmati rice + red onion + lime zest + pat of butter. Rainbow chard fried with browned garlic + red pepper flakes + baby fennel + chopped bacon + lemon squeezes over all.

Picnic sandwiches: Smoked turkey + cheddar + baby arugula dressed in lemon + broiled bacon + warmed baguette + spicy mustard.

Movie snacks: “Jojos”. Quartered and roasted potatoes + smoked paprika + olive oil + leftover scallions + plenty of sea salt. More than you think you need. Roast until tender, fluffy and crispy. Always better with skins still on. Serve with homemade aioli or sour cream or ranch. (Note to self: find homemade ranch dressing recipe.)

Far too lazy to cook: Boston lettuce + tender carrots + dates + chopped almonds + basil vinaigrette.

Comfort food: Softened heirloom tomatoes + braised chickpeas + red onion + garlic + hot sauce + penne + parmesan from a can. (Don’t judge.)

Mooching off of your best friend: Roasted cauliflower in a cast iron skillet + broiled (homemade!) elk (shot by her mom in Idaho!) sausages + baby potatoes + red onion. Cucumber + feta + carrot hexagons + romaine + her famous oregano dressing. Unbelievable.


2 responses to “FREQUENT VARIATION

  1. i HAVE to try this jojo recipe out! :)

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