Amy has the most beautiful collection of shells + crystals + fossilized ephemera, so for her birthday I gave her a terrarium filled with baby succulents and rose quartz, full of healing power + a full year’s worth of good wishes. I couldn’t afford any of the beautiful objects at Artemisia, so I built one myself. Hard to imagine going back now — so simple to build them yourself + you save so much money + so fun to arrange how you see fit.  Thanks to the good people at the Portland Nursery, I bought the proper soils to sustain tiny plant in a drainless vessel. With more than enough supplies, I also constructed a properly masculine-energy centered terrarium for my friend Justin.

Don’t forget to check back at the end of the week for Windy Weber’s guest post on gardening + the magic of vegetables…


2 responses to “EARTH GIRLS

  1. shit! i need to get my arse in gear and make mine too!

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