I hope you guys enjoyed reading Windy’s guest posts as much as I did! I leave this afternoon to begin two weeks with the NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Classical Music and Opera, held at Columbia University in NYC. I’m beyond excited and a little nervous — that I’m about to embark on this experience still feels so deeply surreal. Have been brushing up on my Mahler and Sibelius — did you know that Sibelius is so popular in his native Finland that before they used the Euro his face was pictured on the hundred dollar bill? Pretty incredible. Can’t imagine that kind of mainstream appreciation ever happening here in the States.

A few assorted meals cooked in haste — end of summer kale, oven dried tomatoes and penne tossed together with rigor. Sharp Arcada cheddar sliced onto a halved baguette with strawberry jam-like figs. Roasted chicken breast stuffed with rosemary sprigs, with stewed cannellini beans and roasted red peppers. Quartered beets tossed with parsley and red wine vinegar. (And my little cat, who loves records as much as I do).

Blogging here at Popcorn Plays will likely be a little sparse over the next two weeks. But I am truly looking forward to stuffing my face with Greenpoint pizza and Chinatown dumplings, inspecting the wares at the Mayle pop-up shop, and listening to my friends play at the IPR.

So: any food + drink + experiential recommendations for me? Please please share!

3 responses to “TRIPPING OUT

  1. have a great trip!

  2. Hi Natasha,
    I owe you an email…it will follow, soon. LOVE Windy’s garden posts. Very useful!
    Good luck with your program in NYC.
    NYC Recs: You MUST visit Maryam Nassir Zadeh.
    I haven’t been but I really want to go to the Isabel Marant & Jerome Dreyfuss stores. Will be totally jealous if you make it to the Mayle Kamikazie pop-up.
    Erie Basin is another one I’m dying to go to!
    Food: I love Marlow and Sons as well as Diner. I’ve heard good things about Saltie, too. I sent Ursula of Modaspia to check out the new Batali venture Eataly & she gave a positive review. Tomory just ate at Paulie Gee’s for pizza and loved it!

    • amazing recommendations – i was hoping you would chime in! :)
      so funny – diner + paulie gee’s are both on my shortlist for my birthday dinner (on monday!)… have already had crazy good nyc pizza – twice!

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