Montreal is swaying between fall and winter, and I’m while I’m battling the fierce winds and gauzy skies in truly pathetic winter wear, I secretly love the austerity and calm. Still in need a summer-send off meal, I seared a slab of swordfish steak in the style of my friend Spencer — on extremely high heat, in opaque pools of melted butter, and with excessive amounts of salt and pepper. The trick he picked up in Italy? He ate steaks that were seared plainly and then plopped on a bed of diced parsley marinating in olive oil. I finished this swordfish steak with plenty of lemon wedges and served with a faux-Greek salad — baby arugula, raw diced corn, sliced red onions, crumbled feta, and quartered heirloom tomatoes, topped with diced parsley and a thin red wine vinaigrette.

On another note: I have joined Twitter! My experience at the NEA Institute was, among many other things, one of the most intense, edifying, exciting, and intellectually rich experiences I’ve ever had. One of the most immediate things I came away from the two weeks was the curiosity to check out this thing they call Twitter. I’m still new — so please play nice! — but follow me here, or let me know if you’re on there too. I need my minuscule feed to be slightly more interesting than Huffington Post and Holy Mountain, yikes.


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