It’s full-blown squash season here in Montreal! And it’s incredible.

What vegetable is more iconic of the golden autumnal afternoons than the glorious, refrigerator-shaped butternut squash? And! It’s so easy to peel, and holds its shape great in a long-cooking white lasagna. We paired a roasted tray of diced butternut squash with a skillet of creamy bechamel sauce and pan of sauteed spinach and garlic. The whole mess was layered until the bechamel and grated pecorino ran out, and then I had to wait a torturous hour before we could devour half the pan.

Oh, and we added toasted, chopped hazelnuts and deep fried sage leaves in brown butter to the roasted squash mixture. It was the best balance of sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy. Served with Adam’s special, top-secret arugula salad — he has thoroughly convinced me that a finely-diced raw arugula leaf is the only way to consume it. He’s right, of course.


2 responses to “GETTING SQUASHED

  1. DID YOU MAIL US A PORTION OF THAT IN THE MAIL?! i’ve been meaning to make squash lasagne, now i HAVE to do it!! the arugula salad looks sooooooo awesome, try to get the secret.

    • i asked adam! this is what he says:

      “step 1 wash the arugula and fully let it dry (when it’s dry it cuts better)
      step 2 make a chiffonade or mince it up.
      step 3 add your fave simple vinaigrette… maybe some shallots and toasted pine nuts?
      it’s not really top-secret – I just like my arugula chopped or diced…”

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