While we were in NYC, we stayed in a hotel on the Upper West Side, a neighborhood of which I’m not that familiar. But one of my favorite neighborhood spots ended up being the infamous Barney Greengrass, a ‘Jewish soul food’ place best known for their firm smoked fish + sweet mackerel salad (made with apple juice!). We tried a little bit of everything — the sable, salmon and mackerel, as well as a bunch of delicious sides like rye bread + proper cream cheese + one mini black and white cookie for me. Perfect for the (11-hour) train ride back to Montreal.


2 responses to “PACKED LUNCH

  1. That smoked salmon looks absolutely amazing! And with the onions, cream cheese, and a squeeze of lemon too…my mouth is watering.

  2. ahhhh, you’re killing me natasha! LOVE the greengrass….years ago lana and i had planned lunch at aquagrill and dinner at esca, but still found time to eat here for a “pre-lunch snack”…..why do you think two of our cats are named nova and lox???

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