I think I’m a pretty simple person to please. Besides cooking at home, my idea of the best night ever is being taken out to dinner. No bars, no parties, no elaborate plans — all it takes to get me super stoked on life is a few plates of crazy food and a bottle of wine designed to blow my mind.

So naturally I was thrilled to explore Montreal’s most famous steakhouse, La Queue de Cheval, best known for its tremendous dry-aged steaks. In this case, what blew my mind extra hard was a dozen oysters doused in red wine vinegar and shallots, spicy grilled jumbo prawns, 30-day dry aged rib eye steak cooked medium rare, mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, an entire lobster tail, and a few bottles of wine. It has a bit of a cheesy Vegas-nightclub vibe and is prohibitively expensive, but I was in bliss slurping down the largest oysters on the half shell I have ever seen. Some of them were about as big as a cracked egg!

We were so disturbingly full at the close of our meal we barely managed one bite each of their illicit-looking cheesecake. I can’t imagine myself ever going back to a place like this, but so happy to have had it once.


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