[All images via Ermie, by Jeana Sohn]

Jennifer Parry Dodge — the talented designer behind Ermie — has a remarkable eye for pattern and color [just take a glance through her tumblr!].  I love how she sees nature — the way the colors can be saturated or muted, in sharp focus or full of blur — and incorporates those glimpses of life into her work. These preview images from her ERMIE Lookbook were posted the other day + they are all so magical. I have often felt conspicuous + gauche wearing so much bold color in Montreal (naturally, the chic people here like black!), but ERMIE gives me courage + inspiration to wear color as frequently as I want.


4 responses to “ERMIE COLOR SPLAY

  1. Natasha, Thank-you so much for this lovely post!
    Can’t wait to see you in the Bokeh Print dress, too! We will make it happen. I’ll email you in the next day or so!
    Hope you are loving school & staying warm in Montreal. Enjoy your posts as always.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • thank YOU for sharing so much beauty in the world. :) i am going to be in san diego for a while this december/january. in my mind, i’m already planning a train trip up to LA. i can’t wait to see your collection!
      happy thanksgiving!!

  2. I love the long skirt. I also love how sweet you are…the comment on how the color gives you inspiration and strength. Love!

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