This house has been quite a little hotbed of sickness in the past few weeks. As far as our diets have been concerned, we’ve been doing what we can to get better: kale smoothies spiked with apples, oregano oil dissolved in water, huge glasses of fresh orange juice, mugs of echinacea tea. One afternoon, wandering listlessly around the house, I felt particularly anemic, and spontaneously ran to the grocery store and bought bags overflowing with kale, swiss chard, lettuces, and spinach. Making a pot of a restorative, healthy soup seemed like the only logical solution for my vitamin-deficient body.

I used a homemade chicken stock (one roast chicken carcass + roughly chopped onions, carrots, celery + bay leaves + thyme + baby leeks + parsley springs, cover with water + salt judiciously + simmer for 3 hours) as the base and added whatever my body was calling out to me: tiny brown lentils, diced potatoes, cubes of butternut squash, ribs of chopped celery, minced shallots  + the juice of one entire lemon. It simmered for about an hour, and then I added thick ribbons of dinosaur kale, which stayed firm + chewy. A huge bowl of kale soup was nourishing, hearty and cleansing, just as I had hoped it would be.


4 responses to “SOUP SEASON

  1. this soup looks great. i had a similar experience the other day, sort of shaking with anemia or something after a long day of work and take out food. went home and was “all over” some cooked spinach (with a little balsamico). instantly felt 100% better. i’ll try the soup!

    • it’s kind of remarkable how quickly green vegetables heal us… as soon as i had 2 spoonfuls of soup, i think i audibly went ‘aaahhhh…..’ with happiness. :)

  2. my kind of soup, looks SO GOOD.

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