[Dinner: Cucumber + arugula + Belgian dive + bacon + homemade garlic rye croutons of very stale yet delicious bread from Barney Greengrass + mustard vinaigrette]

[Snack: Skillet cornbread, adapted heavily from the Lee Brothers — I added spicy peppers, shredded sharp cheddar, and bacon]

[Breakfast: Empire apples (the best, best kind) and cranberry + dark chocolate blondies. Maybe a bit too sweet, but the perfect texture for an espresso]

[Dinner: Beet sauce pasta! Adam’s impromptu hockey night creation, but given my extremely vocal love of beets I like to think that I was the inspiration for this dish. Ground beef + onions saute with lemon, olive oil + a bit of cream. Add roasted cube beets to pan to infuse cream with the most luscious, vibrant hue of magenta that you have ever seen. Coats penne brilliantly, is shiny + full of color. Delicious too.]

[Breakfast again. Sometimes all you really want is tea + freshly squeezed orange juice + toast + butter.]

[More breakfast, more orange juice. This time supplemented with my favorite of snacks — toasted whole wheat bread slathered with avocado, butter, and a lot of salt and pepper.]

I feel inspired by Sasha’s recent chronological look at her meals. I really admire the variety + bounty + simplicity of her breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. This post is a bit more piecemeal but equally valid look into my (often) random eating habits.


4 responses to “ALL TOGETHER NOW

  1. Who doesn’t LOVE skillet cornbread

  2. yum that beet pasta, stuff that dreams are made of (yours + mine anyway — haven’t yet met anyone that begins to touch the depths of our love for beets). hope you ALSO feel inspired by the post-challenge i put to you, ahem (pasta re-make 4 recipes sake!!!!!). you’ll seriously be doing all your readers a HUGE favor. xo

    • my love for beets continues on, unabated!! i simply cannot tire of those little tasty jewels.
      as a thanksgiving present to you, i am totally going to work on a post about concept behind baked ziti + salad dinner. as a christmas present for ME, you should come here so we can relive the experience a 2nd time :) :)

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