These photos — from our last major trip to Jean-Talon market — are at least a few weeks old, but I thought they were fitting for today, American Thanksgiving. Looking at these images fill me happiness but also wistfulness — definitely can’t buy Jerusalem artichokes or Roma tomatoes or fresh marjoram anymore!

This fall, I found myself anticipating Thanksgiving with less glee than usual (it’s widely known that it’s my favorite holiday). At first it was puzzling, but I think understand: I live with somewhere where blow-out dinners similar to Thanksgiving feasts happen at least once a week. Why wait a whole year to have dishes that you want to eat year-round?

At first, eating so well was overwhelming; now it just feels normal + right. Roast chicken dinners are a breeze (this one above was cooked Thomas Keller style — with no oil, at high heat and sprinkled with thyme — and was one of the juicest birds I’ve ever eaten); lamb shanks bubbling away for five hours are manageable, too. We eat bone marrow with red wine vinegar and parsley for a snack, and broil scallops in brown butter to perch atop creamed rutabaga puree. I bake at home more than I have in my entire life, and learned to incorporate it into my daily routine in an effortless way. (There is an apple tart bubbling away in the oven as we speak).

I’ve learned to appreciate the incredible richness of my life, and revel in the love we share for food. This Thanksgiving I’m reminded that living spectacularly can happen regularly.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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