Seafood salad

Butternut squash risotto

Olive Oil poached salmon

Foie Gras and seared venison

Passion fruit foam and fruits

Local cheese plate + conserves

An evening at XO Le Restaurant was one of the most memorable meals I’ve had in a long time. It was one of those nights where every aspect of the experience was great, from the amazing building (which used to be the Merchant’s Bank in the 19th Century), ridiculous dining room (which has those bizarre LED neon lights that slowly change colors, very Las Vegas, very Disney), to the adorable wait staff (all handsome gentlemen in the 20s), people watching (we were conveniently situated near a very large group of plastic surgery robots celebrating a birthday; at one point during our meal, we admired two older, very drunk individuals furiously making out, standing up, in the middle of the dining room) and to, of course, the food. We went for the tasting menu, and I loved the playful mix of delicate textures, bright colors, and varied flavors. Not often can you say that a fancy dinner was super fun.


2 responses to “NEON CADENCES

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  2. It looks a lot of fun. Especially the lighting! Lighting is ( almost) everything…

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