Unless I’m making a sandwich, my lunches are almost always cobbled together from various leftovers from the nights before. From top: leftover carnitas (from this recipe — breathtakingly simple and so, so delicious) and migas tacos with sweet potato fries dusted with smoked paprika and cumin; leftover roast chicken and garlic mashed potatoes (from this bird); Medjool dates and shredded carrot salad with leftover roasted butternut squash risotto (blatantly inspired by this risotto); more carnitas tacos with cilantro (who knew five pounds of pork shoulder would yield carnitas for a week?); leftover curried carrot soup with toast.


2 responses to “SECONDHANDED

  1. I’m jealous of your fridge. :P
    one day I’ll have pork shoulder to *have* to eat!

    • haha, thanks! pulled pork or carnitas are two of my favorite ways to cook pork shoulder — you’re always guaranteed leftovers!

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