Some of you have been curious to know a little bit more about a necklace that pops up in my photos from time to time…

The necklace is an original piece by Himo Martin, artist and jeweler behind the Montreal-based line Pearls Before Swine. Himo is a wonderful friend of mine, and the piece is one of a kind, and cast from a real-life onion ring! (Long story). I never wear rings, so this necklace was still able to incorporate both the ‘ring’ theme as well as my love of the beloved crunchy deep-fried snack. The onion ring even has a small nibble taken out of it.

I was completely blown away when I was given this — it’s hard to convey in a few blurry photos just how much detail and care was put into this piece. The rich oxidized silver has grown more matte and complex in the six months since it was made. It ages with me.

His non-commissioned work is available at the boutique Reborn in Old Montreal…

I would highly recommend Pearls Before Swine for any commissioned ideas you have — I’ve seen his casts of tiny animal hearts, delicate olive branches from Morocco, human baby teeth, leather spurs, and dirt-encrusted nails and studs unearthed from the countryside dirt. He has the most amazing, unusual eye for  forgotten details, textures and finishes. I’m honored to own one of his pieces.

4 responses to “PEARLS BEFORE SWINE

  1. you look so beautiful.

  2. Thanks you for this….they now have one more sale

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