We recently scored a truffle from Alba. The smell of our truffle is so strong, I can pick up a whiff of its earthy, funky deliciousness from two rooms away. I don’t have that much experience with truffles, but I have learned that these things are very good with them: eggs, cream, butter, and mushrooms. To celebrate the delivery of our truffle, we made a deceptively easy pasta dish — just some fresh tagliatelle soaked in melted butter, a splash of cream, porcini mushrooms, and an egg yolk whisked in. Topped with extremely generous shavings of truffle, it was a simple meal that I’ll never forget.

[Tip! To best extend its shelf life (apparently they’re best a few days after delivery), we stuck it in a huge jar with some butter and eggs. The truffle infused the jar’s contents with its flavor, and I’ve been enjoyed truffled butter on my toast in the mornings.]


5 responses to “TRUFFLE UP

  1. I love the name of this post.. really nice

  2. i love that you wrote pasta ‘soaked’ in butter etc. it’s this sort of wording that makes your ownership of language very present + very beautiful.

  3. you can also store truffles in rice-maybe specifically rice for risotto-and a similar transference will occur

    we used to do this in restaurants I worked in

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