What a year 2010 was. And in this little corner of existence, it was the year that I fell in love with baking. It is really possible that it was only in February that I baked my first cake from scratch? The last few months have found me making — with an unfamiliar ease and confidence — fluffy cakes with a tender, pillowy crumb and seasonal tarts anchored by flaky sheets of pastry nearly every other day. It is hard yet supremely satisfying work, and so different from cooking that they seem almost opposites. So it’s a bit surreal to realize that it was less than a year ago that I felt so proud of that lopsided chocolate number. (Although, to be fair, that recipe is still my go-to chocolate cake, and conveniently happens to be my boyfriend’s favorite cake of all time). 

2010 marked a particularly chaotic time for me; the year found me leaving a stable, fulfilling job, and instead hopping from Ithaca to San Diego to Portland to Asia and to Montreal. I can say with extreme confidence and hope: I hope not to move an inch in 2011. Happy new year everyone.


3 responses to “THE NEWEST YEAR

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  2. it is funny how some years are filled with travel. it’s good but then it’s nice to settle in for awhile too. happy new year :)

    • so true – after such a big year of traveling, i’m really looking forward to staying put for a bit. happy new year to you as well! xo

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