California inspired Christmas day supper:

Zuni Cafe roast chicken with rosemary and thyme

Zuni Cafe sourdough bread salad with mizuna, mustard greens, golden raisins, pine nuts, scallions and garlic

Roasted golden and chiogga baby beets with salt

Seared baby brussels sprouts with bacon, shallots and lemon

Roasted vegetable medley with cauliflower, purple fingerling potatoes, baby fennel, purple and orange carrots, garden rosemary and olive oil

Comice pear crostata with cardamom and orange zest

I’m tentatively testing out roast chicken as a new holiday tradition — happily aligned with our decades-old tradition of Chinese hot pot the eve before — as an alternative to the unneccesarily outsized turkey. Happy to report: the Zuni Cafe roast chicken continues to have the crispiest skin and juiciest meat around. Almost all of our produce was purchased at Chino farms, and the baby brussels sprouts were a new thing for me — so tiny and sweet, like little peas. And though my crostata was painfully lopsided, its spiced pear interior was moist and sweet. I felt really great about how healthy and fresh the meal was —  perfect way to finish the year.

[PS. I recently spotted, with great longing, the New Year’s Eve menu at Navarre. Sometimes I really miss Portland.]



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