I still get a rush out of buying fresh produce in January, especially when I make my annual Sunday visit to the La Jolla Farmers Market — at my most recent visit, I bought bags of local avocados, guavas, oranges, golden beets, purple kale, and some potted succulents. But the tastiest corner of the market might be Umoja Vegan Galore, sort of what I imagine the Ethiopian version of Macro Mama’s to be. I always bring home a hefty carton of collard greens and black eyed peas (fried in avocado oil) and crunchy knobs of okra (miraculously never, ever slimy).

Really trying to make the most of my final moments in Southern California, including another trip to Chino’s Farm, knowing in the back of my mind that once back in Montreal, fresh baby lettuces will be no more than a distant fond memory. Sigh.

PS. Finally watched Deliverance for the first time. HI, TERRIFYING MOVIE.


2 responses to “UMOJA’S

  1. Oh my gosh, that pile of green things looks amazing!
    You know what’s strange is that I grew up in San Diego but never knew about any farmer’s markets when I lived there. Poor timing I suppose. Either they didn’t exist the way they do now or they just weren’t on my radar. Next time I visit I really need to check some out.

    Lastly, my boyfriend has a jacket just like that. Vintage Woolrich?

    • i feel like the weekly phenomenon known as ‘farmer’s markets’ only really came to san diego like… a few years ago. that’s what it feels like, anyway. obviously, it’s really a combination of adolescent ignorance + lack of ubiquity, as you say. growing up, everyone i knew bought their food from some combination of vons + ralphs + albertsons + trader joes. even whole foods feels like a (relatively) new phenomenon. but i’m so happy to see farmer’s markets become so popular, because there are so many good ones.

      (also the jacket i think is woolrich? i have one in green too – i thrifted mine for $20, so useful + cozy :) )

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