A very good lunch (Marisco’s German taco truck — 4 fish tacos for $4, maybe the best $4 you will ever spend)

And a not-so-good lunch (two forgettable salads at Brockton Villa, about $40 including some decent Arnold Palmers).

Proof that an expensive meal isn’t neccessarily a good meal. We’ve been going to Brockton Villa my entire life, but the food just keeps getting blander and blander. In no way should a beautiful seared Ahi tuna salad taste like absolutely nothing. And their ‘Greek’ chopped salad was like a cheap diner knockoff. Yet the fish tacos from Marisco’s, at only $1 each — served with a few finger limes that we brought with us — eaten in the back of my pickup truck, remain one of the most delicious, fresh snacks you can buy in San Diego.

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