There are so many magical beaches in San Diego, but the Torrey Pines State Reserve has always been my favorite. For $10, you can park at the top of the mountain and then explore all of the trails, some of which lead down to Blacks Beach, some of which wind around the hills and cliffs in a dusty maze. Crawling down to the beach and the smooth sand is my favorite hike, but this time, with less than an hour before the sunset, we lingered at the top of the cliffs, wandered through the faded desert plants, and gazed at the beet-red sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

I just want to mention that Adam took the first photo, of the sandy, washed-out twilight hours. That’s exactly what it’s like there, hazy but somehow clear and full of salt and light and dust and warmth. It’s now one of my most favorite California photos.


  1. You look so beautiful!

  2. you guys are so sweet. xo

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