Adam recently had the brilliant idea to make saltimbocca, a delicious Italian dish of veal cutlets fried with sage and prosciutto. I don’t usually like fussy dishes, but I have to admit that this meal was very fun to assemble — it felt like I was stitching our meal together. It’s not so much about following a recipe (though this recipe seems to be quite similar) as it is just getting the vibe right: paper-thin veal cutlets are carefully threaded with sage leaves and prosciutto, dusted with salt and pepper, and then dredged in a bit of flour. We fried our saltimbocca in a skillet filled with hot, frothing butter, and fried them until crispy.

I served the veal with a simple butternut squash + brown butter risotto, and Adam fried up some mushrooms and made my favorite cabbage dish (his specialty): sauteed cabbage with bacon and lemon. Simple, but blows my mind every time. I eat platefuls of this stuff and never get tired of it.

[Oh, and over at Popcorn Youth: a stunning Trish Keenan mix — RIP — and a link to my latest piece for Signal to Noise].



  1. So sad about Trish Keenan. H1N1 is no joke. She made such beautiful music- tragic.
    On a lighter note, thank-you for providing me with much needed meal inspiration for the week :) Always love your food posts.
    Are you back in Canada? If so, sorry to have missed you, but believe me- I understand how hectic the holidays can get!

    • yes, the holidays felt especially busy this year, even though i didn’t do much of anything! :) i hate starting off the new year with such sad news about trish keenan, but also feel grateful for all of the spectacular art she’s given us.
      happy new year to you, too, lady!

  2. Cabbage sauteed with bacon and lemon? Sounds delectable. A few more specific directions maybe? If so, many thanks in advance!

    • it’s pretty simple — fry up some bacon, reserve some bacon fat, crumble into small pieces and set aside; chiffonade some napa cabbage and saute in a big pot with a bit of butter and the reserved bacon fat. add a splash of apple cider vinegar, the juice of half of lemon, and simmer over low heat until soft. stir in the bacon at the end and enjoy!

  3. Made the Saltimbocca last night. Delish!
    Also showed T. the Trish Keenan mix, which he promptly downloaded. He is upset about her death, but I think the mix made him feel a little better…
    Tomory likes your blog, too :)

  4. Probably shouldn’t complain about the cold in Western Massachusetts to a person in Montreal :-)
    We’ve moved into negative numbers, and I got some Napa cabbage and am going to try the bacon and cabbage dish tonight, it sounds really warming. Thanks.

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