Since I’ve been obsessing over Rachel Comey’s printed silk pants since they debuted earlier this year, I recently decided that as a present to myself (for finishing grad school applications!), I am going to buy myself a pair.

But which pair? I am legitimately in love with both.

[via Creatures of Comfort]

6 responses to “PANTS PICKLE

  1. I think the second pair of pants are the bees knees! That’s my vote.

  2. I’m no help.
    I love both (although patterned pants with my bum is not a good idea).
    I did splurge on a couple (-yes, a couple-) of Comey dresses (on sale!) for T’s opening, though. So, you know…I’ll have choices…(I’m so bad).

  3. i vote for the first pair. or getting both, they both totally are you…

  4. i vote for the flower printed pair. i have been pining after them for ages as well. i like the other pair (the print is amazing) but a big block of lavender right on the rump seems less flattering to me.

  5. number two. the fisrt ones remind me of 1990’s style silk boxer shorts…

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