Given that there is a pretty noticeable dearth of proper pizza joints in Montreal, I knew I had to eat as many pies as possible during my short time in San Diego. I had some spectacular slices while at home, and I’ll be posting about those shortly. (My top picks? Berkeley Pizza, Blue Ribbon Pizzeria, and Basic).

But now that I’m back in Montreal, I prefer to make my own pizza. (I love pizza nights!) Recently I made two pies: one with sauteed leeks and bacon, the other with crimini mushrooms, caramelized red onion, and diced kalamata olives. Both were pretty perfect. My sauce — reduced into a silky spread from canned San Marzano tomatoes, a bit of chopped onion and a pat of butter — was extra spicy, and dotted with fresh oregano. And for the crust, I recommend the Falling Cloudberries recipe (an inspiring book given to me by the wonderful Kat).

The best part is seeing how high our oven can go — about 550 degrees F — and then roasting quickly for 8-10 minutes, until crispy, charred + bubbling. It’s the longest 10 minutes of your life.


5 responses to “PIZZA PARTY

  1. mmm looks so good. which pants did you get (or both)? :))

  2. ahh! i cannot escape that smiley face. the computer should ask you if you want it to turn a very pleasing parentheses and colon combo into a such an obvious statement bathed in bright yellow(a question to which i would always reply firmly in the negative…)

  3. Love Love Love…pizza + you! your creations look amazing! did you come up with the flavor combinations yourself? i like that you have been able to make use of the cookbook, too. i might have to beg for recipe…

    • it was pretty determined by what was already lingering in the refrigerator (half a leek and some bacon on its last legs), but mushrooms + olives on a pizza is always a sure bet.

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