I truly can’t stand Miranda July, which makes it even harder to admit that her shirt is completely, totally perfect.

[image via Facehunter]


4 responses to “SEEING SPOTS

  1. i like miranda july, her stories, and the shirt. i like amy ryan’s reading of “roy spivey.” what is the source of your disdain?

    • hmmm. i wouldn’t say i ‘disdain’ her, obviously she is a successful + smart woman. it’s more that her manufactured preciousness and overwhelming cultural pretension annoys me. it’s all very ‘mcsweeneys’ in that insufferably twee + self-important mcsweeneys way… if that makes any sense… i just don’t like writers like that. (similar reason why i couldn’t get into jonathan safran foer + or any of those ‘new’ younger writers… just not my style). (one exception to this might be zadie smith, who is funny + elegant + smart + youthful in a more understated way, although i haven’t read her in years and years, and who knows, maybe she would bug me now…).

      i do however LOVE amy ryan!

  2. yea her stuff (m. july’s) has never been up my alley either. but i like her vest, i think the sweater i made jarek is the sleeve-d match to that yarn. re: zadie smith. i read some of white teeth. initially i was semi-into it and found it at least entertaining in an almost over the top way (enough to read on for awhile though feeling mainly like,ok, i own it, should read it, but it didn’t leave me feeling deeply satisfied). eventually i just put it down unfinished (and i am not an un-finisher of books), mainly because it felt like the sort of thing that, with all the books in the world, and the idea that the absolute longest i could live would be 70 more years (and highly unlikely, that), i couldn’t justify spending another day or two or three reading white teeth…

  3. but then it’s strange that i can justify spending time on the internet. so maybe that was unfair + hasty + i should give it another shot (she’s definitely smart + did make me laugh but it was simultaneously too much and like something was missing)…

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