Things have been very simple and wonderful around here. I finally got my camera charger back! (Darjeeling tea, Russian molasses bread — my new favorite, stays so chewy even after you toast it — sliced avocado, tangerine juice)

My new favorite addiction to our morning ritual is hand-squeezed tangerine juice (we add a tablespoon of lemon juice to add some tartness to an otherwise overly-sweet juice). My mom snuck my favorite morning snack — Chinese scallion pancakes — into Adam’s luggage on the way back to Montreal, which we devoured in three days. (Scallion pancakes, one egg over-easy, homemade focaccia with sea salt and rosemary, tangerine juice)

But the best thing I have eaten this year — no question — is the obscure French-Breton pastry pictured above, carefully brought to me by Adam from this patisserie across town. This marvel of sugar and butter is called a Kouign-amann, and I have made a pact with myself to make it at home within the month. I splurged on a proper Bodem french press when I was home in San Diego; it’s so much better than the cheap models I’ve owned in the past. (Kouign-amann, Union coffe).

My formula? I like to have super simple breakfasts, so I can really enjoy my indulgent dinners. I realize that cheese and sugar and flour isn’t exactly “diet” food, but in my world, this is actually pretty spartan. (Whole wheat sourdough, sharp cheddar, black pepper, green tea).


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