I couldn’t stop thinking about the osso buco I made in San Diego. I had to have it again.

Why did I want it so badly? I had to make the other version — made with white wine (I found the notes of red wine and tomatoes to be somewhat assertive and dominating) and anchovies — which I was convinced would be superior. And instead of mashed potatoes, I needed to eat a classic risotto Milanese — with a fat pinch of saffron, and very little else.

Although the gremolata didn’t change an inch. I was very happy with it. Gremolata, you get to stay the same!

A classic Milanese risotto is extremely streamlined, with only a handful of ingredients that congeal into something extraordinary. It took all of my restraint to not add wine, cream or grated cheese. It’s just good (homemade) stock, fresh butter, saffron, and Arborio rice. This is a deceptively simple dinner, easy to assemble if you have another helping hand in the kitchen. And on a cold winter night, I’m not sure I’d like to eat anything else.


6 responses to “OSSO BUCO, AGAIN + AGAIN

  1. Your blog needs the FB “like” button. Or in this case “LOVE” button.

  2. i was thinking i wanted to make risotto for a dinner w. michael + emily. which would mean i’d be making it vegan… what do you think? i’ve never made risotto without butter (and usually i involve parmesan too)… was thinking i’d use dried mushrooms + homemade veg. stock, sautee in olive oil. what do you think? obviously won’t be the same but will it still taste good?!

    • oooh…. personally i can’t imagine a proper ‘vegan’ risotto but i’m sure it can be done. but honestly the silky texture of the fats from butter + cheese is what gives the rice its lusciousness, otherwise all you have is congee / rice porridge, basically…. but i think if you had enough delicious mushrooms + proper veg stock then it would still TASTE delicious, and i know that they would love it. maybe add a bit of cornstarch for creaminess?

  3. On my TV bender last night, I learned how to pronounce ‘osso buco’ from the TV show ‘Blue Bloods’…sounds delicious! Both in your description as well as phonetically.

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