My best friend and I have been seriously considering getting perms together for the last 5 or 6 years. I think this image just pushed me over the edge. Such babes.

[via Cat Party]


3 responses to “PERM TIME

  1. DON’T DO IT! your hair is beautiful and a perm will DESTROYYYYY it for a fleeting moment of curl. xo

  2. wow, their curls are incredible

  3. the temptation is so strong but i do worry that my hair will never bounce back (pun intended). i don’t do hardly anything to my hair, i get it cut maybe once a year, and bang trims 4x / year (when it reaches the point where i can no longer see). i don’t even own conditioner or a hair brush and shampoo maybe once a week (if that), and the last time my hair was treated was when i dyed my hair blue-black in middle school (don’t judge), in hind sight, such an unfortunate aesthetic decision though i was sure i looked super cool….

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