I know that this collection really has been making the internet rounds, but I couldn’t resist posting images from one of my favorite Fall 2011 collections. So many stunning textures, patterns, shapes, and colors at Suno this season — the SPECTACULAR nubby sweater-esque outerwear and towering, sturdy platforms, the dusty silk flowers and conservative, boxy dress cuts and narrow trousers…. I rarely gravitate towards the mustier palette of mustard/grey/brown/slate blue, but I want it all. It was a challenge not to post every single look from this collection, it’s that good. Your move, everyone else.

[images via]


4 responses to “SUNO FALL 2011 RTW, FTW

  1. I notice a lot of those models have their hair top-knotted. Mighty prescient, Natasha!

    • hehe. i still feel so bad for unwittingly blocking so many people’s lines of vision at lectures, concerts etc……

  2. I feel bad for these insanely skinny models- how can you even look at the clothes when they’re presented on such unhealthy people? How can that escape notice?

    • hmmm. but you can’t even tell just by looking at these models whether they are ‘unhealthy’ or not – just as you can’t tell by looking at a fat person whether they are ‘unhealthy,’ or not. just saying!

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