Sometimes, not even a nice breakfast can rescue a bad morning. Going to try again tomorrow.


  1. beautiful breakfast…is that a tiger lilly? hope the rest of the day goes well for you!

  2. I loathed today. I’m also hoping for a better and more productive day, tomorrow!

  3. if your day can’t be saved by that breakfast it must be a REALLY bad one. i’m sorry:(
    p.s. i want that silverware! where’d you guys get it? (sorry, i still do care that your day sucked! but at the same time maybe it’ll make it better to come to the aid of your silverware hunting friend. mine is so bad it’s a struggle not to make it ruin ALL my days:))) xo

  4. am chalking up a crummy week to general winter malaise, which has plagued me worse than usual this year… lovely things like flowers and nice meals are less effective than usual : (
    oh and the silverware is guzzini! purchased in a small shop in little italy…

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