Isn’t it amazing how a week can go from terrible to awesome in a flash? Up until last night, I was having a horrible week, and it felt unsalvageable. But life turned around in a pretty spectacular fashion when we took a trip out to the country to explore Pied de Cochon’s extraordinary Cabane a Sucre (more on that soon!).

So I finally feel compelled to share these shots of my beloved Persian rug, purchased on extreme discount at Ararat’s liquidation sale. (Remember?) We spent almost five hours in the store’s three-story space, meticulously inspecting every single rug, before deciding what to buy (we even took a lunch break at an Indian place across the street to discuss potential purchases!). I’ve never gone rug shopping before, and it was so much fun.

But even at 75% off, the rug was a huge investment for me, and I was initially full of guilt, doubt, and reservations about buying it. Luckily, I have this amazing antique rug-collecting boyfriend who convinced me that this particular specimen was my rug-soulmate. He was right. I love it more and more everyday. I love staring at the strange shapes and patterns, trying to figure out their meaning. I love its vaguely Scandinavian shapes, even though its provenance is 1970s Iran.

It’s currently living in my office and its bright colors make me smile every morning. (The saturated colors, especially the prevalence of fuchsia, is extremely unusual in Persian rugs). My boyfriend bought a rug too, a strange, somber, faded antique Persian rug that’s over 100 years old. Mine is flashier, more “New World.” And while it’s less mysterious and grand, it’s also ineffably me in style. For example, I now notice this exact shade of fuchsia everywhere, like in the slippers that I was wearing the day we rolled out my rug…

Or in this plant that my boyfriend gave me as a gift, chosen for its shade of dusky pink-purple that I apparently love so much.

I even noticed right away that the same shade of fuchsia is found in my favorite floral scarf, which had no choice but to be tucked into the sofa in my office, creating an almost disturbing level of color-coordination.

I mean, it wasn’t until I bought this rug that I realized that even my favorite food is the same freaking color.

2 responses to “FEELING OUT FUCHSIA

  1. I love fuschia too! It is such a great accent color whether it be home decor or an accessory. Your carpet is gorgeous and the print on your scarf is amazing! Who is the scarf by?
    I can not wait to hear about your experience at Cabane a Sucre!

    • thanks so much!! when i was little i used to loathe the color pink, mostly because i wanted to look tough, but now i am like, YES! pink. i am so into pink. i am owning my love of pink.
      i bought the scarf a million years ago at anthropologie… when we went to buy the carpet, i was wearing the scarf and the owner was like, ‘look, synchronicity! the scarf matches this carpet. it is a match made in heaven!’ she was right…

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