We were getting ready to watch the hockey game, and no one wanted to cook dinner. We debated ordering take-out, and realized we didn’t want to spend $40 on mediocre, greasy food, either. I did a quick scan of our pantry and fridge, and this is what happened: panko-crusted cod, minted peas, and rosemary roast potato wedges. Fish and chips!

I coated small chunks of the cod in egg, and then dredged the filets in a mixture of panko, smoked paprika, and salt. They shallow fried for just a few minutes in half an inch of vegetable oil, and drained on some paper towels. The peas were easy — I tossed them into the same pan, wiped nearly dry, and wilted in a few tablespoons of minced mint. The potatoes and chopped rosemary roasted in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes; I added parsley at the last moment. Adam brewed up a shockingly delicious tartar sauce from scratch, and that was all we needed for an easy, inexpensive weeknight dinner.

I love leftovers, and these converted pretty nicely the next day into a crispy fish sandwich, slathered with extra tartar sauce, mustard, and lemon juice, squeezed between Cheskie‘s tender, eggy brioche, and topped with sprouts and lamb’s lettuce.


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