[Lamb’s leaf lettuce, French Puy lentils, skilled fried potatoes, shallots, avocado and lime vinaigrette]

We’re meant to get 50cm of snow today. Sigh. It’s March, right? Someone remind me that spring comes, eventually. In the meantime, vegetables for sanity.

[Oh and — congratulations to Kat Tales for scoring a sweet job on the line at Hazelnut Kitchen, the best restaurant in Trumansburg!]


  1. thanks lady.

    have we lost you to canada? i mean, you’re using the metric system now…

    • i only use the metric system because i really have no idea how to convert to our system, and have no desire to figure it out. so and when i hear it on the local news or on the radio i just remember those facts: -22 degrees celsius; 150 kilometers; 50 cm. it’s not so much ‘turning canadian’ as ‘adamantly lazy.’

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