My best friend is getting married this summer, and I’m a maid of honor. Among my other manifold responsibilities (she is totally letting me DJ the afterparty, that is why she is my best friend, because that is seriously one of my all-time dreams, to DJ a wedding, I still can’t believe it), I need to find a dress. The dusky salmon roses of this Rodebjer silk dress might be exactly what I need, though the technical logistics of it (how to wear a bra?) might render it unwearable. Nevertheless, it is divine. (Cheryl, don’t you love it?)

[all images via Una]


6 responses to “BRIDAL IN RODEBJER

  1. i LOVE the color. being comfortable in a bra trumps the dress in my opinion.

  2. i adore this dress! i was actually thinking of posting it on my bloggy too. ha.

    maybe you could wear a strapless bra and half slip? or some other sort of pretty under-layer?

  3. Yes, i love this dress! I am also looking for a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s upcoming wedding and this dress is perfect!

  4. i think we can all agree that this dress is unquestionably sartorial perfection but sadly it will never work on my squishy body.. me going without a bra is out of the question, though i like your advice for opting for a pretty underlayer, maybe some kind of sheer, plunging camisole, barely noticeable but keeping things PG..

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i feel the love. cant wait to see your face so sooon!

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