The huge white space over the sofa in my office is bugging me. I want to hang something over it, but what? The space is so big!


5 responses to “EMPTY SPACES

  1. we have a similar open space over our couch. The plan (when we have enough $$) is to mount a long horizontal shelf that’s somewhat narrow. THEN, we’ll put small, but luscious, plants on it! Imagine? A wall filled with greenery! I guess we’re motivated by the fact that our plants are the closest things to pets that we have right now. MORE PETS!

  2. old mirror. the kind where the glass is fuzzy and you can see bits of metallic. those are always nice (if the frame is good). or some of your drawings tacked up. {unless you want to just sit there all the time, in which case you need nothing, you make the space full of beauty, that picture is so nice with the white expanse + the couch and rug + you. but i guess it’s not feasible for you to sit there, permanently, from this point forward. though maybe worth it for beauty’s sake.)

  3. you should blow up this picture and put it on the wall. it’s beautiful.

  4. all excellent ideas, all advice duly noted. i am into the plants or the mirror idea – but both can get so expensive so fast, maybe i should just learn to embrace that big bald space, sasha i want you to felt me something huge, do you take commissions?…

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