[Broiled marlin with leeks in white wine; sauteed mushrooms with basil salad; black rice with lime juice and black pepper]

My boyfriend recently brought home a gorgeous pink filet of fresh marlin, and while we wondered how we were going to cook it, I rooted through our pantry to find a proper grain. Not quite desiring our usual staples — quinoa, couscous, pasta, or even some fresh bread — I fished out a dusty glass jar filled with black grains of rice.

What the hell is this?” I asked.

I grew up eating Chinese-style rice — white Jasmine rice, steamed until fluffy — and the kind of hippie-friendly, expensive wild rices that you see in every health food store today were completely foreign to me as a kid. Later, as I grew older, I discovered that rice could, in fact, be enjoyed in a million different ways. (At the moment, my favorite way to eat rice is like this).

This black Ontario rice was a piece of cake to make because it simmered with the top off, and with constant stirring, so there was no potential for sticking or burning. The finished grains emerged glossy, firm, and with a pleasant, nutty hardness in the mouth. The rice was even better the next day, so I stir-fried it with some kale, lemon, hot sauce, and cracked black pepper.

What’s your favorite unusual rice grain? I want to try them all now!


2 responses to “RICE VENTURES

  1. annelouiselikes

    not rice, but i love wheatberries

    and tonight i’m going to cook up some ‘brown parboiled rice, parboiled oats and kamut’ that i got from an italian supermarket… i think kamut is like spelt? hmm… could be hit and miss…

    also, VERY jealous of your kale: can you believe that you can’t buy it in australia?? well, not that i’ve ever seen anyway…

    enjoy your food!

    • was inspired by your mention of wheatberries, so i made some last night with lentils and kale, sooo good.
      also when i was in maine i stocked up on kamut pasta – didn’t even know that was a thing? so excited to try it out + see what it’s like!

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