Wish I could correct the lack of posts lately — but truly, I haven’t had a single extended moment to myself since we landed in Portland, Maine earlier this week. This city, it is nothing like how I remember it as a child summering in Maine. It has transformed, and it is astonishing to see. Everywhere you look, world-class restaurants and bakeries and patisseries and chocolatiers, all jammed up against each other. Gourmet markets and organic farms and wine stores and fishmongers. Our time here is limited, so I’m (stupidly) trying to squeeze in as much as possible by scheduling back to back meals — as in, one five-course dinner, followed by another five-course meal. I know. Digestive paralysis, bodily suicide!

For this article that I’m researching, I’ve met with so many warm and wonderful Maine bakers for an article that I’m researching. There will definitely be an entire slew of posts devoted to this mind-bending trip, and I can’t wait to share some of my stories. After a year spent in Portland, Oregon, I was sure I knew which was the superior Portland. Now — not so sure.

3 responses to “A MAINE ROMP

  1. You guys are freaking cute!
    Been meaning to email you lady.
    Still want to make something for you.
    Any chance you are coming to So Cal soon?

    • aw, thank you so much!
      yes yes so excited to get the ERMIE piece rolling – need to figure out how to get my measurements (somehow a more time-consuming activity than you would think?). no trip to socal planned on the horizon, although maybe i will be in california if this blogger meet- up thing ever happens???

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