My boyfriend recently surprised me with a copy of Elizabeth Schneider’s indispensable tome Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables. We have a bit of history with this book, though we never actually owned a copy. I first saw it at Chino Farms, where the ladies who worked there provided me with a battered copy to browse while I wondered what to do with the cardoon I was holding in my hand. (Schneider recommends a bit of an oven braise with some white wine and a dusting of grated Parmesan, and it is a delicious, light dish).

It’s just as wonderful as I remember it, full of gorgeous writing, delicate drawings and lovely recipes.



  1. ooo i want this. looks awesome. though i must say, i thought your first post-trip post would be an exploring-of-the-depths, semi-personal semi-academic silent library piece… i guess it’s still in the works?!

    • the silent library think-piece is really more of a manifesto, really a drawn-out, in-depth critique/assessment of the structural problems that define the blogosophere, i.e. if one must appreciate the blog post, one must sit in silence while having spit balls thrown at them or eat an ice cream cone made out of mayonnaise?????

      but YES yes in all seriousness, this book is soooo good, i actually saw another used copy of it at a bookstore in maine, so i bet it’s not hard to find. i should have bought it + brought it to you, it is really worth seeking out. i love love love how she writes, full of clarity and precision and knowledge, but also very lyrical + magical (how could one NOT be when discussing the world’s fruits and vegetables???). plus, the recipes.

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